North Light Books Raw Art Journaling

Meaning in life is made, not found. In a raw art journal, you don't need to know how to draw; to to write well. You worry about messing up techniques you've never attempted before inside your


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Lexington Books Nabokov's Mimicry of Freud

In Nabokov's Mimicry of Freud: Art as Science, Teckyoung Kwon examines the manner in which invited his readers to engage in ongoing battle against psychoanalysis. looks at use of literary devices that draw upon


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CHRONICLE BOOKS The art of Tangled

A lighthearted twist on Rapunzel, beloved fairy tale from Brothers Grimm, Tangled brims with thrilling adventure, a distinctive cast of characters, a daring heroine, and, of course, seventy feet of golden hair. Featuring stunning concept behind newest Disney masterpiece, The Art of also includes a preface by John Lasseter, a foreword by Directors Nathan Greno Byron Howard, interviews artists, animators, production team—including David Goetz—that


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CHRONICLE BOOKS The art of the incredibles

From Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy Award winning studio that brought us such blockbusters as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo, comes The Incredibles, a hilarious, action packed story of a family of superheroes living an underground suburban existence. sleekly designed settings characters were conceptualized developed by writer director Brad Bird Pixar's creative team of artists, illustrators, designers, resulting in a celluloid


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Acc Art Books Tiffany

Lamps and metalware


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Books on Demand Feng Shui Authentique

Cet ouvrage présente le Feng Shui dans sa forme authentique et traditionnelle. Il montre comment cet art millénaire peut canaliser l'énergie bénéfique et vous invite à découvrir les méthodes authentiques débarrassées pratiques mercantiles enco


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Books on Demand Healing Art

Marie Perret has explored the connection between expression, art and awareness for many years. Originally trained in transpersonal psychotherapy, meditation spiritual healing she evolved a holistic way of working with creativity using intuitive p


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Duke University Press Books Exporting Revolution

In her new book, Exporting Revolution, Margaret Randall explores the Cuban Revolution's impact on outside world, tracing Cuba's international outreach in health care, disaster relief, education, literature, art, liberation struggles,


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North Light Books Art Journal Your Archetypes

It's true, isn't it? You have a burning desire to express yourself. But to be successful, confident and happy, need to know yourself, That's where archetypes come in. An is a symbolic representation of the repeated pa


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North Light Books Art Saves

Discover it for yourself. Inside Art Saves, experience the stories of 20 artists who found that artistic expression and process is worth living for. Whether are a calligraphy graffiti like Lisa Engelbrecht


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